Weekly Ministry


Sunday Worship

Our weekly Sunday worship service begins at 10:30 am.

The choice of music and worship is totally focused on the presence and person of the Holy Spirit as the Name of Jesus is lifted up. In the times of worship and praise, often we receive prophetic words and healings. Because we are a people celebrating the presence of the Holy Spirit, the atmosphere will be filled with joy and healing power.


Tuesday WoW Intercessory Prayer

Weekly Womens Intercessory Prayer begins at 1:00 pm

The main focus of our prayer times here on Tuesdays span from inhouse needs to community, state, national, and world issues. The prayer times are totally dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God strategically in these specific areas in order to overcome the kingdom of darkness in the lives of those captive by Satan’s power.

Wednesday Fellowship Dinner, Bible Study and Corporate Prayer

Our Wednesday Bible Study begins at 7:00 pm

This has been a time of growth and spiritual bonding among those present. We begin the meeting with a light snack. The Bible study that follows is anointed and there is great joy in all who come and join in.


Other meetings will soon be planned and will be announced shortly.